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First World War: then and now 

First World War: then and now provides grants of £3,000 to £10,000 for communities to mark the Centenary of the First World War.

We also provide grants of more than £10,000 for First World War projects – see Understanding the First World War for more information. Here you can also find answers to questions about what we can fund (eg around memorials, planting poppies and travel abroad).

You can read more about First World War: then and now in the application guidance. Your application will have a better chance of success if you read this thoroughly before you apply.

The difference we want to make 

With a grant from us you could make a real difference to a wide range of people by helping them understand the war and its impact better. In particular, we believe that involving young people in marking the Centenary is important. See examples of the heritage your project might explore.

In assessment, we take account of the broad range of outcomes that your project might achieve. Under First World War: then and now, we expect your project to achieve a minimum of one outcome for people from the list below. It is unlikely that your project will achieve a large number of these outcomes.

Outcomes for people

With our investment, people will have:

  • learnt about heritage
  • developed skills
  • changed their attitudes and/or behaviour
  • had an enjoyable experience
  • volunteered time

Outcomes for heritage

With our support, heritage will be:

  • in better condition
  • better interpreted and explained
  • identified / recorded

Outcomes for communities

With our support:

  • more people and a wider range of people will have engaged with heritage.

Application process 

First World War: then and now is a rolling programme, meaning you can apply anytime. Our application form is really straightforward, and we will assess your application in eight weeks. Please contact your local team to find out when decisions are made.

If you are thinking of applying under this programme, you can express your interest online. We will let you know if your application is suitable for this programme and you can then decide whether to go ahead.

Further information 

If your project involves doing physical work such as conservation or new building work, please read about property ownership.

If your project will create anything in a digital format which is designed to give access to heritage, or to help people engage with heritage, please read about digital outputs.

If your project includes activity or travel abroad, or a war memorial, please read our answers to frequently asked questions.



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First World War: then and now 

Application materials

Essential reading

    Good-practice guidance

    We provide a range of good-practice guidance to help you plan and deliver your heritage project.