Understanding the First World War

A British soldier helping a woman farmhand to gather in the crops on the Home Front Credit: Horace Nicholls © IWM (Q 31134)
The First World War affected millions across the globe and shaped the world we live in.

The Centenary is a chance to understand the war, uncover its stories and explore what it means to us today. We fund projects across the UK that focus not just on the events of 1914–1918 but also on the lasting changes the war brought about. The experiences of soldiers, the role of women, the places affected by the war, the way it has been commemorated and interpreted since – all of these are important parts of our First World War heritage.

We want to support projects that present new perspectives of the war and bring to light previously untold stories.

You may want to explore:

  • local places with First World War associations of any kind
  • objects, photographs, documents, books and newspapers that tell the stories of individuals and communities involved in or affected by the war
  • training trenches or airfields
  • buildings and structures used in or affected by the war, for example factories or hospitals
  • places, objects and collections linked to the industrial, maritime and transport heritage of the war
  • historic memorials of all kinds, including memorial gardens, commemorating lives lost in the war
  • existing recordings of people’s memories and experiences from the First World War
  • the memories and experiences of people affected by the war after it happened, such as the children of people involved
  • art – including music, literature and film – focusing on the war, created either during or after the war
  • natural heritage and landscapes affected by the war
  • any of these types of heritage created since the war  that show its impact on the United Kingdom and people currently living here

Grants start at £3,000. Groups and organisations can apply under our First World War: then and now, Our HeritageYoung Roots and Heritage Grants programmes.

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