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Our publications 

Our publications include guidance notes and documents to help you complete your application. More information on applying for a grant can be found in how to apply section.

Key research reports

  • Assessments of how well our funding has improved the condition of heritage and how it is being conserved for the future.
  • HLF requested that Oxford Economics update their 2010 report on the economic impact of the UK heritage tourism industry using the latest available data. This study quantified the scale of economic activity associated with heritage-based tourism in the UK.
  • Heritage tourism has never been more important to our economy. This report shows its scale and significance across the UK.
  • Research into completed projects to establish how people are involved in HLF funded projects – the activities that projects put on, the participation of volunteers, training and the extent to which people are visiting the heritage we’ve funded.
  • This is visitor research, carried out at heritage attractions that have received HLF funding, and used to gauge the reaction and response of visitors to the improvements that have been made.
  • A research about the positive impact historic buildings have on the UK's economy
  • This research is carried out in a similar way to the visitor surveys, but involves talking to local residents about their perceptions of how HLF funded projects have made a difference to the places where they live, and to their own quality of life.
  • Heritage projects can have substantial impacts on local and regional economies. This work explores the scale and extent of the economic benefits delivered by completed HLF projects.
  • What difference does involvement in a heritage project make, both for individuals and the communities where they live? This research uses a mix of research types to look at these questions in detail.

Corporate documents

HLF annual reports

Business plans

Strategic plans

Corporate schemes

  • NHMF/HLF has adopted the principle that in the conduct of public business in Wales, it will treat the English and Welsh languages on a basis of equality.
  • The National Heritage Memorial Fund is fully committed to the promotion of equality of opportunity and good relations. This equality scheme confirms that commitment and sets out how we propose to fulfil our obligations.
  • We set out how Heritage Lottery Fund Northern Ireland proposes to fulfil the Section 75 statutory duties of the Northern Ireland Act 1998.
  • This document sets out the broad framework within which NHMF will operate between 2012 and 2015.