Landscape Partnerships

Grants from £100,000 to £3,000,000
From majestic mountains to open countryside and wind-swept coasts, conserve areas of distinctive landscape character with grants from £100,000–£3million.
Overlooking the Wye Valley

Landscapes are an important part of our past and play an important part in our lives today. That's why we want to help conserve them and get more people involved in understanding and looking after them for the long term. Since 2003, HLF has committed grant-aid totalling £127m to 77 Landscape Partnership schemes across the UK.

Landscape Partnership schemes put heritage conservation at the heart of rural and peri-urban regeneration. Local, regional and national organisations work together to make a real difference to landscapes and communities for the long term. They do this by conserving habitats at landscape-scale, promoting joined-up management, reviving long-lost skills, and much more. HLF-funded projects make a major contribution to work in the UK on implementing the European Landscape Convention.

More about this grant programme

We’re passionate about the difference our projects make for heritage, people and communities. We take account of the nine outcomes your project will achieve in our assessment. You can read about these in the application guidance.

Applications go through a two-round process. This is so you can apply at an early stage of planning your project and get an idea of whether you're likely to receive a grant. Then you can send us your detailed proposals. At the first round you can also ask for funding to develop your project.

There are some additional documents we highly recommend you read:

This essential reading can all be found on our Guidance for applying page.

When you need to apply

We must receive your first-round application and all supporting documents by 12pm on 1 June 2015 for a decision in October.

Second-round applications and supporting documents must be received up to 24 months after the first-round decision. They are assessed within four months, after which funding decisions are made at the next quarterly meeting of the committee for your area. To find out when the meetings are, and when you're likely to get a decision, see the Application deadlines and funding decisions for your area.


View from Middlesmoor on the Upper Nidderdale Valley Credit: View from Middlesmoor on the Upper Nidderdale Valley
Upper Nidderdale feels a world away from busy urban centres. Its high moorland areas are guaranteed to blow away the cobwebs while the dale,...
View overlooking Adwick Washlands Credit: View overlooking Adwick Washlands
The Dearne Valley sums up the character of Yorkshire, with a strong mix of industry and beautiful landscapes and its people who have lived...
Ingleborough Dales Credit: Ingleborough Dales
There is a hidden world tucked under the mighty peak of Ingleborough that gives clues to the people who have lived and cared for...

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