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Two Heritage Horticultural Skills Scheme and Skills for the Future trainees working in Dyffryn Gardens
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Tilbury - The Dock Story 

Programme: Your Heritage
Applicant: Tilbury Riverside Project 
Grant awarded: £8,000 

The story of Tilbury is intertwined with that of its docks. In fact it was the arrival of the railway and the docks in 1886 that gave birth to this modern town, originally used as housing for dock-workers. Using workshops, Tilbury Riverside Project have invited the local community to uncover stories from their past, including researching the streets where they live and both the docks and the lives of those who worked there.

The project will explore the surviving heritage such as domestic and public buildings and look at their origins and the links between the town and dock development over the past 100 years. Many traces of the unique maritime heritage can be seen within the town. For example, in 1912 the newly-established town council named many local streets after ports and harbours around the world! Not to mention famous artists, poets, writers, local connections and scientists. The project includes training for local people  to give guided heritage walks in Tilbury, as well as sessions to learn and share local history for the community. Information gathered will be collated into an exhibition and a booklet entitled ‘On The Street Where You Live’.

Local people at a workshop 

Local people attending a training workshop 


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