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Committee members talk about what it is like to be involved in an HLF Committee
Working alongside the staff of HLF, our decision-makers come from a variety of backgrounds - bringing a range of skills and experience to the organisation.

Some have a professional background in the heritage sector; others have a community or voluntary sector background, or for example, experience in economic regeneration, tourism, education or in the commercial sector. Members share their experience and learn from others on the committee. Many have found their committee member role has offered a personal development opportunity and has provided them with transferable skills which have helped further their careers.

About our Board

Our National Heritage Memorial Fund (NHMF) and Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) Board consists of a Chair and 14 Trustees who are appointed by the Prime Minister with the advice of the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport. The Board determines the Strategic Framework and annual Business Plan, which sets out the activities which enable the NHMF and HLF Funds to deliver their strategies.

The Board makes decisions on NHMF funding and on HLF grants over £2million; decision making below £2m is delegated to local decision making committees and staff. Most Trustees also sit on a local committee and most sit on the Audit and Risk Committee,  Finance Staffing and Resources Committee and Communications Committee.

About our Committees

There are 12 committees across the UK, supported by our local teams. Each year we recruit to replace committee members who have reached the end of their appointment period. Chairs and members are normally appointed for three years in the first instance with potential for a second term.

  • Committees meet four times a year and are responsible for making decisions on grants applications from £100,000 up to £2m
  • Chairs guide their committee, managing meetings effectively, promoting constructive debate and ensuring robust decisions are taken
  • Committees recommend the funding priorities for applications of £2million and above, as well as for those submitted within the targeted initiatives and decided by the Board
  • Committees maintain a strategic oversight of decision making within the grants programmes for awards under £100k. Both chair and members attend some of the small grants meetings where decisions are delegated to staff
  • Committee chairs and members have an important role to play as representatives of, and advocates for, HLF in their locality. This may include attending a meeting or visit with staff or project openings and events

Committee member opportunities

We are not currently recruiting for any roles.

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