Manhood Wildlife and Heritage Group secures HLF investment

One of Britain’s most endangered mammals, the water vole Credit: Joan North

The project will be working to improve and enhance wetland habitat on the Manhood Peninsula over the next four years. The wetland network of the Manhood Peninsula is currently a stronghold for the UK’s endangered water vole population. Chichester and Pagham harbours, which flank the Manhood Peninsula, have international significance as wetland habitats because of the wildlife they support. 

With the help of trained volunteers, the project will carry out essential survey work of the existing wetland network and digitise the findings to make them accessible for a wide range of audiences.  Where environmental or flood issues are identified, solutions will be sought and physical work carried out where appropriate and possible.  Focus will be on building strong relationships between stakeholders to support a cohesive approach to wetland management across the Manhood Peninsula.  

Chloë Goddard, from the Manhood Wildlife and Heritage Group, said: “We’re delighted that HLF has given us this grant.  The extensive drainage network on the Manhood Peninsula is important to both people and wildlife and this project will work to bring communities together to help us to understand and care for this environment.”

Stuart McLeod, Head of HLF South East, said: “Jutting out into the English Channel south of Chichester, the Manhood Pensinsular contains large expanses of natural wetlands of national and international importance. Featuring saltmarsh, mudflats and vegetated shingle, the area is home to several vulnerable species including the lapwing, black-tailed godwit and linnet. But perhaps the most interesting is Britain’s most endangered mammal, the water vole, which, thanks to National Lottery players, this project will go some way to protecting in its work.”

The Manhood Wildlife and Heritage Group has also received generous financial donations from Chichester District Council – a key project partner, Vitacress, Barfoots and the RSPB to contribute to the cost of certain aspects of the FLOW project.

Further information

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