RSS feeds

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds allows us to notify you when new content is published on our website.

What feeds do we have available?

We have RSS feeds that cover our news articles and press releases for all the nations and regions in the UK, as well as the different types of heritage. You can choose to receive all our news articles, all our press releases or to filter them by nation and region or by different types of heritage. 


Nations and regions


Why are RSS feeds useful?

RSS feeds allow you to receive notifications every time a news article and/or press release is published on the website. You can receive them directly into your web browser and in Outlook. 

How do I subscribe to a RSS feed?

Google Chrome

  • Google Chrome does not have an 'out-of-the-box' RSS reader
  • Google has however provided an official extension to render RSS feeds in Chrome


  • Acess the feed URL
  • Open the sidebar and click on the '@' icon
  • Click 'add feed'


  • Scroll down your mail folders below 'Junk'/'Outbox' until you get to 'RSS Feeds'
  • Right click 'RSS Feeds' and select 'Add a New RSS feed…'
  • Enter the relevant URL into the text field
  • Access all feed entries via the 'RSS Feeds' folder - they are read and deleted in a similar fashion to emails 

Internet Explorer 11

  • Enter the relevant URL into your address bar
  • Click the 'Subscribe Now' button
  • You can then view feeds on the feeds tab in the Favorites Center. To view your feeds, tap or click the 'favorites' button, and then tap or click 'feeds'

Third-party alternatives

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