Five ways to boost your wellbeing in the New Year

Exercising at historic trail that links Ashfield to Mansfield
The beginning of a new year is the perfect opportunity to explore new things and set new goals. With plenty of National Lottery funded heritage, here are some simple ways to improve your wellbeing and make the most out of 2019.

Build relationships

Connecting with others is important for wellbeing.

Projects like Human Henge, help participants who have experienced isolation due to mental health issues, connect with others. This year, keep an eye out for projects and events in your community that could help you make new connections or strengthen existing relationships by taking part with your family and friends.

Be active

Adding physical activity to your routine can have a positive effect on your overall mood.

You don’t need an intense workout to feel better. An easy daily walk can make a difference. Historic trails like this one linking Ashfield to Mansfield, are great for getting active while discovering the sights and heritage of your area, as well as improving your health.

Take notice

Taking the time to notice new things is another way to improve your wellbeing. Why not visit a museum and have a closer look at an object or story you’ve never seen before? St Fagans National Museum of History, V&A Dundee, Ely Museum and Manchester Jewish Museum have some fantastic heritage on display!

Try to learn something

Learning can help motivate you, increase your self-esteem and open up new opportunities.

You can find new ways to learn anywhere you go. Burnby Hall Gardens, in York, has developed inclusive learning opportunities for all its visitors. From museums to gardens, this year try to find new ways to expand your learning horizon.

Give up your time

Whether small acts of kindness or volunteering a few hours of your time a week, giving to others can help increase your own happiness and satisfaction as well as having a positive impact on others.

Why not volunteer at a local charity, park or museum? Bristol Old Vic, Auckland Castle and The Science Museum, are looking for you!

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