Funding for historic war memorials: funding and protection

By commemorating lives lost, war memorials help us understand past conflicts and our local history.

From the Cenotaph in London to rolls of honour in churches and schools, there are thousands of war memorials in the UK. We believe it’s important to conserve them for the future and help more people to explore their heritage.

How we can help

A number of our grant programmes can fund groups and communities to conserve the war memorials they care about, while helping more people to engage with them. Projects can also focus just on helping people learn about war memorials.

Other support


  • UK War Memorials - Throughout the First World War Centenary 2014-2018, organisations across the UK will work together on a programme of recording, research, conservation and listing that ensures war memorials across Britain are protected and the people they commemorate are remembered. UK War Memorials is the place to find the answers to your questions and discover how you can get involved.
  • War Memorials Trust administers grant schemes which cover the whole of the UK. Grants are for conservation and repair of war memorials.
  • The Memorials Grant Scheme allows charities and faith groups to claim, as a grant, the equivalent of the VAT paid on the eligible costs of erecting, maintaining or repairing public memorials. The scheme is administered by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport for the whole of the UK.

In individual countries:

  • In England, English Heritage provides grants for the repair and conservation of freestanding war memorials through War Memorials Grants, a scheme jointly funded by the Wolfson Foundation and run in partnership with War Memorials Trust.
  • In Northern Ireland, the Northern Ireland Environment Agency is responsible for recording and protecting Northern Ireland's built heritage, including war memorials. It provides grant-aid of up to £500,000 (up to 45% of project costs) to maintain and repair most listed structures.
  • In Wales, Cadw’s Grants for War Memorials offer funding of up to £10,000 to help safeguard memorials for future generations by repairing and conserving them.
  • In Scotland, the Scottish Government’s Centenary Memorials Restoration Fund is providing £1million through the period 2013-2018, to restore all types of war memorials in Scotland.

Creating new memorials

We can fund the creation of new memorials as long as the project contributes to the outcomes for the programme to which you are applying, is good quality and offers value for money overall.

To achieve this, new memorials are likely to be part of a wider project which helps people gain greater understanding of the past. 

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