Advice on funding and running museums

A mother and child at Cardiff Story Museum
We took to the Online Community to share our advice - and invite your questions and comments - on funding and running museums.

Many museums are operating under difficult circumstances, and with limited resources, right now.

So on 8 June 2017 we brought together a panel of HLF staff and expert guests for a live chat in our Online Community to discuss how museums can make best use of our funding, and offered advice on sustainability and planning for a successful future.

We covered short and long term support strategies, how programmes like resilient heritage can be utilised by museums, and what a museum service should do if it’s facing financial or other difficulties.

The chat also touched on what museums should consider when taking a decision on whether to charge or offer free admission, and some of our guests offered their perspective to potential HLF applicants on ‘what I know now that I wish I’d known then’.

You can read the full transcript of the discussion in our Live chats forum, or catch up on key points – and share your own – in the summary post in our General discussions forum.

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