Our funding for historic places of worship

Visitors at the Church of the Most Holy Redeemer, Clonard, Northern Ireland
Those caring for historic places of worship, of all faiths and denominations, can apply to us for funding to support a broad range of projects.

Applicants can apply for funds towards building repairs, as well as projects that will help congregations reach new audiences, through HLF’s Heritage Grants and Our Heritage programmes.

Visit the dedicated places of worship page for all the information you need to know about applying for funding.

We’re committed to helping applicants tackle vital fabric repairs, as well as encouraging congregations to think about how - where appropriate - their building can be used and enjoyed by more people. New facilities like kitchens, loos and upgraded heating systems will provide greater comfort for the congregations whilst also enabling places of worship to offer themselves for use by their local communities. Engaging more people with the history of their places of worship has the potential to increase local involvement and generate income.   

In Scotland, we will continue to work in partnership with Historic Environment Scotland to deliver funding for places of worship through a single application process to access funding from both organisations.  

To help those thinking about applying for places of worship funding, we’ve posted some additional information and tools in our Online Community, and welcome further questions in the comments there.

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