Remembering the future

The Community Relations Council has been working with HLF to mark significant political events in Northern Ireland over the next ten years from 2011-2022.

These events have shaped the sense of British and Irish identity in Northern Ireland in the 20th century. It is a decade of ideas.

The Community Relations Council and HLF began to work in partnership in late 2010 in order to stimulate a conversation which seeks to raise the issue of remembering in public space.  It is hoped that this relationship will be able to recognise the importance of the decade and help communities to engage with their complex history, culture and identity and the nature of political change.

Anniversaries will be marked by using some basic principles that will be relevant to all. They include:

  • start from the historical facts;
  • recognise the implications and consequences of what happened;
  • understand that different perceptions and interpretations exist; and
  • show how events and activities can deepen understanding of the period.

Using these principles, the anniversaries will be seen in the context of an 'inclusive and accepting society'.

Further resources

Additional information on the principles and marking anniversaries is available via the Community Relations Council website.

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