Sporting heritage

Rowing boats at the River and Rowing Museum
From football, rugby, cricket and tennis, to boxing, bowling, curling and rowing, we have supported projects related to almost every popular sport in the UK.

Projects have also centred on lesser-known traditions, such as the annual Easter game of bottle kicking played with a barrel of beer between Hallaton and Medbourne villages.

We want to fund more projects about our sporting heritage

The UK has a proud sporting history, from the invention of games now played all over the world to iconic sites spread across the UK. Sport is also a huge part of many people’s everyday lives and plays a role in their own personal histories, as participants and followers, often with life-long loyalties. This wide appeal can inspire more people to learn about and share their heritage. As well as being an important part of history and identity across the UK, sporting themes can help our funding reach a wider range of people.

Dive in and explore the stories and places that people in your community care about

Our funding has conserved historic sporting sites and facilities, including Brockwell Lido in London and Victoria Baths in Manchester. However, the focus of most projects is the stories and memories behind the people, places, and events that make up our sporting heritage. Many projects have researched the history of local clubs, recording the memories of communities, players and fans. Others have explored the lives of sporting heroes, local links to the Olympic Games, and the diversity within sport, from Deaf tennis to Jewish boxing heritage.

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