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  • Catherine MacLean from An Lanntair talks about how the Purvai project helped people learn about the shared heritage of the Hebrides and India.
  • Dr Sam Harrison speaks about his experiences preserving a rural way of life in Scotland with the Shieling Project.
  • Crossings was a community project which started in 2016 and resulted in a trio of dance films, created by diverse communities in Edinburgh who...
  • Storyteller Dan Serridge reveals how an HLF-supported project is bringing Pollok's stories to life.
  • Emma-Jane Harrington explains how an oral history project brought intergenerational stories to life.
  • Julia Duncan from The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) Scotland relates how the organisation's work helps everyone enjoy the nature around them.
  • We must give communities the opportunity to protect and nurture their parks and green spaces, says MP Alison Thewliss.
  • From health to heritage - Sam Anderson explains why she wanted to join HLF's committee for Scotland.
  • Sutherland Forsyth, Community Engagement Co-ordinator at the Botanic Cottage Project, describes how the project is a emarkable example of what can be achieved when...
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