Be inspired by Centenary projects

Actors perform in Gas Girls, inspired by the stories of women who worked in mustard gas factories during the First World War
If you would like to do a First World War Centenary project and want to know what’s possible, take a look at some of the projects we’ve already funded.

One Centenary 100 Stories

The National Lottery has helped millions of people across the UK explore the First World War during the Centenary. We’ve been sharing fascinating, moving, and in some cases, lesser-known stories of the First World War and its Centenary. Discover and share stories #OneCentenary100Stories

Exploring local stories

Looking at how the First World War affected your local area can uncover fascinating stories. These projects show how you can involve your community in exploring the topics they’re interested in – from hospitals, memorials and troops from Britain and overseas, to local campaigners, nurses and conscientious objectors.

New perspectives

Some stories from the First World War are better known than others. The Centenary is a chance to uncover lesser-known aspects of the war and deepen our understanding of the conflict.

Organisational histories

Many of the organisations we know today played a role in the First World War, or were set up as a result. Here are some projects which enabled charities to re-engage with their pasts.

Read more about similar projects in this blog about voluntary action in the First World War.

Using collections

Museums and archives often hold the key to parts of history that might otherwise be forgotten. Here are some examples:

Creative activities

Inspire people to engage in your project in a range of ways. Here are some projects which have explored the First World War through drama, poetry, film and visual art.

Involving young people

Here are just a few of the many projects which have enabled young people to dig beneath the surface of the First World War, and make links to our lives today.

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