Yorkshire’s Back Garden campaign starts and ends with support for salmon

Yorkshire's Back Garden
For the last two years, HLF have been running a campaign highlighting awareness of Yorkshire and the Humber's beautiful landscapes and wildlife - and helping local people to connect with them.

Over the course of the campaign, HLF has invested £18million in natural heritage projects, supporting more than 23 species such as hedgehogs, salmon, otters and butterflies, and protected important habitats including peat bogs and ancient woodlands.

Critically, 28 projects were funded with grants of under £100,000, with 15 groups receiving funding for the first time. 4,500 people were encouraged to volunteer on environmental projects over the last two years, and 7,000 people were trained in new and important skills. This support has helped the local community to engage with and support the natural world on their doorstep, and shown that, large or small, natural heritage projects are essential for wellbeing and encouraging pride in the local area.

Restoring salmon to the River Don

The campaign launched in Sheffield with the announcement of a project to help restore salmon to the River Don, and as it comes to a conclusion, HLF are delighted to announce support for a project to bring salmon back to the centre of Leeds and beyond, to historic spawning grounds in Gargrave.

The Environment Agency and the Aire Rivers Trust have received initial support for £800,000 of National Lottery funding, for Developing the Natural Aire (DNAire), which will build fish passes on four weirs - the last major barriers to fish movement between the North Sea and Gargrave in the Yorkshire Dales to spawn.

With this support, made possible by National Lottery players, DNAire will fill the missing gap between Leeds and Gargrave, enabling the return of the iconic fish, as well as allowing coarse fish, such as dace, chub and barbel to move freely up and down the river to find the best places to feed, spawn and shelter.

Supporting your natural heritage projects

This latest announcement brings the Yorkshire’s Back Garden campaign to a conclusion, however HLF are still keen to encourage projects exploring the natural world in Yorkshire and the Humber. If you are a champion of natural heritage, or have an idea for a project that could help raise awareness of the wildlife and nature to be found close to home, then please contact the Development Team in Leeds for more information.

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