Our strategic framework

Launch of the Strategic Framework 2013-2018
We invest in the full breadth of the UK’s heritage. Our strategic framework helps us do this.

Under our 2013-2018 strategic framework we provide a range of grant programmes that allow us to ensure the heritage you care about is looked after for the future. 

Through our programmes, we fund the full breadth of heritage in the UK, investing in skills and growth and helping heritage organisations to thrive. We are committed to ensuring that all communities across the UK benefit from National Lottery funding, and to recognising and responding to local priorities

Using a strategic framework, rather than a plan, allows us to provide certainty as to how we will deploy our resources, while remaining flexible. It allows us to update existing programmes, introduce new initiatives and balance our ongoing programmes with targeted interventions when need or opportunity arises.

Our goal is to make a lasting difference for heritage, people and communities, as well maintaining our high standards as a responsive and collaborative funder.

Read more about the strategic framework.

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