Durham Cathedral Open Treasures Phase 1
HLF has awarded grants worth a total of £7.9m to projects in Durham*, equivalent to £86.91 per resident.

There has been considerable variation in the value of the grants awarded, ranging from £2m for the Limestone Landscapes Partnership, to £3,600 for Down Our Street.


In contrast to some parts of the country, both Durham and County Durham have experienced relatively little demographic change over the last two decades. Unemployment is higher, and wages lower, in County Durham than in the UK as a whole. However, in recent years, wages and the proportion of people with qualifications have both risen.

In general, residents of Durham are more positive both about their local area and about the heritage on offer than those in other places. Seventy-eight per cent strongly agree that Durham is a good place to live (compared with an average of 56% across the 12 research locations). Moreover, 45% think that the area has improved over the time they have lived there, and just 19% think it has got worse.  

Self-reported knowledge of heritage in Durham is high: 91% say they know at least a little about local heritage, compared with an average of 84% for the research as a whole. Satisfaction with local heritage is also high, at 84% (compared with an average of 77%). 

One reason for this satisfaction may be the impact that heritage is perceived to have on residents’ quality of life: 46% rate its impact as eight or more out of ten. This is much higher than the average figure across the 12 research locations (29%). 

Not only are residents satisfied with local heritage, but a majority also believe that it has improved over their time in the area (67% say this). 

This positive picture is reflected in the support expressed by residents for HLF’s investments: 77% describe HLF investment in the area as good or excellent use of Lottery money, higher than the average for this piece of research (69%). 

About the research

The research in Durham had two stages. Firstly, background data was collected to understand how the city has changed since HLF was founded 20 years ago. Secondly, 350 residents living within 5km of the city centre took part in a quantitative telephone survey to understand attitudes towards Durham and its heritage.

Heritage projects in Durham

The research project focused on the following heritage sites and projects, which are also reflected in this map.

*Grants awarded to projects in the Durham research area up to September 2013.

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