Royal Albert Memorial Museum
HLF has awarded grants worth a total of £19.6m to projects in Exeter*, or £167.56 per local resident.

There has been considerable variation in the value of the grants awarded, ranging from over £10m for the Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery, to £6,200 for the Heritage Performance and Film Project.


Exeter is a relatively small university city, with a fairly young and ethnically homogenous population. The city is economically successful, and the strength of its economy has improved, in relative and absolute terms, in recent years.

Residents of Exeter are notably positive about their local area. Eighty-three per cent strongly agree that it is a good place to live, compared with an average across the 12 research locations of 56%.

Furthermore, 54% of Exeter’s residents say that the area has improved over the time they have lived in the area. This compares favourably to the average across the 12 locations (42%). 

Thirty-five per cent of local residents believe that they know a lot about Exeter’s heritage, and just 1% say they know nothing.  Satisfaction with the local heritage offer is slightly higher than the average for this piece of research (82% compared with 77%).

However, as is the case in the other research locations, there is naturally varation in engagement with, and awareness of, the heritage sites and projects asked about in the research. For example, 94% of residents are aware of the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, and 35% have visited it, whereas looking at the second most known project, Topsham Museum, 66% are aware of it, and 32% have visited it. 

Positively, 37% of residents say that local heritage has become “much better” over the time they have lived in the area, slightly higher than the average of 32% for this piece of research.

About the research

The research in Exeter had two stages. Firstly, background data was collected to understand how the city has changed since HLF was founded 20 years ago. Secondly, 350 residents living within 5km of the city centre took part in a quantitative telephone survey to understand attitudes towards Exeter and its heritage.

Heritage projects in Exeter

The research project focused on the following heritage sites and projects, which are also reflected in this map.

*Grants awarded to projects in the Exeter research area up to September 2013.

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