Peterborough City Centre
HLF has awarded grants worth a total of £11m to heritage projects in Peterborough*, or £90.12 for each local resident.

The value of individual grants awarded has varied, ranging from £1.8m for Peterborough Cathedral conservation/adaptation, to £4,899 for a Bronze Age landscape at the Fenland Archaeological Trust.


The population of Peterborough has grown sharply in recent years, and there has also been an increase in the number of residents from an ethnic minority background. Unemployment is higher and wages lower than the average for the country as a whole. 

The research found Peterborough’s residents are positive about their local area, though less so than for the other places. Seventy-four per cent agree that Peterborough is a good place to live, but 44% think the area has got worse over the time they have lived in the city. This compares to an average of 26% across the 12 places. 

Despite the big increase in population recently, heritage is still important to the people of Peterborough. Seventy-nine per cent of residents believe they know at least a little about Peterborough’s heritage, with 24% saying they know a lot. Just 2% feel they know nothing.

The city’s prominent heritage sites are well-known locally. Ninety-two per cent of respondents have visited both Peterborough Cathedral and Central Park, and 75% have visited Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery. Eighty-two per cent of those who say they have visited or taken part in a local heritage site or project** enjoyed their experience.

But interestingly, Peterborough was a place in the research where the results for smaller-scale heritage projects showed how these are also important to people. Two activity projects that aimed to raise awareness and knowledge of local heritage were found to have had a positive impact on the quality of life for the residents they had involved.

** Just five respondents in the sample have not visited any local heritage sites or projects.

About the research

The research in Peterborough had two stages. Firstly, background data was collected to understand how it has changed since HLF’s inception. Secondly, 352 local residents took part in a quantitative telephone survey to understand attitudes towards Peterborough and its heritage.

Heritage projects in Peterborough

The research project focused on the following heritage sites and projects, which are also reflected in this map.

*Grants awarded to projects in the Peterborough research area up to September 2013.

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