UK and place reports

BritainThinks carried out research into 12 locations across the UK.

To select the locations for this research, all places in the UK with a population of more than 10,0000 were banded by population size.  Twelve locations were then selected at random, and their suitability for research assessed by HLF – in part by looking at the extent of HLF investment in that location - before the final list was compiled.

Quantitative research and desk research was carried out in all 12 locations. In addition, qualitative research, comprising in-depth stakeholder interviews and a workshop with members of the general public was carried out in six of the 12 locations. 

The research was focused on understanding the perceptions of people living within an area bounded by a 5km radius circle based on a centre point for each of the selected places. It featured HLF-funded projects from inside this circle, or within close proximity to it and that can reasonably be anticipated to have some benefit for local residents.


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