FAQs for applying

Private owners of heritage, including individuals and for-profit organisations, can apply under the Our Heritage grant programme only. Public benefit from the project must...
Yes, you can apply more than once.
All our applications must be submitted via the online application portal. Contact the Grant enquiries line if you need assistance to do this.

Application discussions

  • We've produced an additional support document in aid of place of worship applicants preparing applications for capital projects under the HLF’s Our Heritage (OH) programme. The document follows the structure found in the OH Application Guidance but we've added additional information of particular...
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    1 year ago
  • Following the update on our strategic planning, we have made changes to some of our grant programmes which you can read about here Attached, are key guidance documents relating to the SF4 Parks for People programme. If you plan to apply for a park or cemetery project under our Heritage Grants...
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    1 year ago
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