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Does anyone have any examples of successful or not so successful projects to create heritage trails around parks and / or heritage sites? We are planning to develop a trail around Pontefract Castle once much needed conservation work has taken place, and want to involve the local community in developing ideas for trail markers and content. Any advice welcome!

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  1. Hi, Angela


    We created the Tees Heritage Park a number of years ago, and found the best method of wide community enagement was through the local schools. We commissioned an artist to deliver workshops and site visits with classes, to develop artwork and signage features on site. We then held a suite of exhibitions within the local communities concerned for comment/finalisation, ensuring these were well publicised and promoted. Parents were keen to see their childrens work, and it is a really good way to get fresh ideas.


    I hope this helps,




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  3. Hi Anne-Louise

    Have a look at Loch Leven's Heritage Trail, Kinross (Perthshire).  The trail goes around the entire loch and is extremely popular with all recreational users.  It takes in an RSPB reserve and some extremely good quality farm coffee shops as well as 'spur' paths to pubs and villages.  Their smartphone app allows you to search a map of the area and look specifically for what interests you.



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  5. We used social media extensively to gain community support for our www.CrossingthePennines.co.uk Heritage Trail in the Yorkshire Colne Valley.



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  7. Hi Angela,

    I was at the Cluniac Conference in November 14 hosted by the British Museum and Lewes Priory Trust, and I met members of the Pontefract Castle Friends group. We discussed sharing notes across the wider Cluniac priory community, and had a lenghty discussion about Herb gardens and how they could be interpreted.

    At Priory Park we have used a system of medieval tiles to interpret features in the Priory which we got school groups to assist with developing. they also made their own tiles which we have included in the outdoor and indoor interpretation. We worked with a fantastic couple of medieval tile makers based in Leicester. We are really pleased with the results, even though the slippery surfaces caused us some problems which we have now resolved.


    If you would like any further details please email me directly.

    Our standard interpretation boards and indoor panels were all produced by an interpretation consultant based in Stroud and we had little community involvement in that process except through consultation with our Friends group. We have found that doing hands on community arts projects was the best way of involving local people.


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  9. Dear Angela

    The one that I remember distinctly from my 'Yuff' as being particularly successful was the A to Z of Fish around the various heriatge sites of Hull City Centre. I believe in later years its was sponsored by Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil. Lots of different art themes in terms of sculptural, signage, floor mounted, wall mounted, bollards and added the joy of finding the next one on the route before my sister!

    Best regards



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  11. Dear Angela,

    We have just completed the Dog kennel Lane Heritage Trail which crosses the estate of Newby Hall and have produced a trail board and leaflets.

    Initially to get the local community interested we held an exhibition which included an add to our archive feature, tell us your stories and children's dig in a box day hosted by our community Archaeologist Kevin Cale.

    Its inportant to get  the local press on board.

    We have had a lot of  good feed back because we involved one of the local schools in the project.

     Disabled access is inportant  as is using public transport to visit.

    You could consider braille on your way marks.

    The Dallowgill Heritage trail to the West of Ripon  uses mosaics to lead the way.

    I agree with Stuartt the Hull Fish trail is excellant.

    Hope you are making progress.

    Linda Boroughbridge History Society

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