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View Amy Freeborn's profile Amy Freeborn Feb 24 2016 - 3:14pm
  1. Hi Amy, I am new to this community. Tough Dough are filling out an HLF application for Our Herirtage to deliver a community arts project called Stepping St Michael's Way. The digital outputs will be animated films and a documentary film. Looking at the guidelines I am not sure what category that comes under: eg interpretative technologies or other??

  2. View Lizzie Black's profile Lizzie Black
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  3. Hi Lizzie, thank you for your question.

    I've spoken to my colleague, Vicky, in our South West office, and she agrees that the digital outputs sound like they would come under interpretative technologies.

    Please get back in touch if you have any other questions (perhaps post in the General discussions forum so the questions and answers are easy to reference for anyone else with a similar query).

    All the best with your application.


  4. View Amy Freeborn's profile Amy Freeborn
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  5. Amy

    I am interested in the new Lough Neagh Landscape Partnership.  My contact suggested joining the UK and Ireland Lakes Network.  Where do I find it?



  6. View Chris McCarney's profile Chris McCarney
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    Hi Chris - is this the UK and Ireland Lakes Network you're talking about? http://www.ukandirelandlakes.org/

    Alternatively, we have our own forum for all our Landscape Partnerships projects, which you can find here: https://www.hlf.org.uk/community/landscape-partnerships-community



  8. View Amy Freeborn's profile Amy Freeborn
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  9. Hi

    I have just finished my level 3 brickwork at canterbury college and i really want to get into flint , stone masonry and heritage work. I live in Deal Kent i am finding my location to be difficult to find this sort of work. Has anyone got any advise?




  10. View luke diamond's profile luke diamond
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    Hi Luke, hopefully you've already seen it, but just in case, below is the response one of my colleagues posted to your similar question in the 'Jobs, training and volunteering opportunities' thread


    Hello Luke,

    Unfortunately, we don't know of any specific organisations who require conservation masons.  However, you may wish to contact some HLF supported projects which have been funded recently in East Kent as there may be opportunties avalaible. 







    Graeme McKirdy

  12. View Amy Freeborn's profile Amy Freeborn
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  13. Hi to everyone,  we are a community orgainsation in North Wales (Rhyl) who are just starting to run a project funded by HLF in our town.

    Just a quick hello for now as we look around this site for ideas and inspiration :)



  14. View Shane Owen's profile Shane Owen
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    Welcome Shane!

  16. View Amy Freeborn's profile Amy Freeborn
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  17. Hello i just joined the community forum and wanted to say hi…

  18. View Donald Sleightholme's profile Donald Sleightholme
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    Hi Donald!

  20. View Amy Freeborn's profile Amy Freeborn
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