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We’re recruiting for Heritage Ambassadors to join us for up to 4-5 days a year to support the thinking and the decision-making around our new Kick the Dust programme (

We hope that this opportunity may be of interest, whether you’re a young person (aged 16-24) keen to get more involved in heritage; or a learning professional looking for an exciting next step for the young people that you work with.

In either case, please see initial information below;  visit the below link or download the attached document for full details, plus our light-touch application form; feel free to post comments and questions underneath; and you can also contact me at or 07813 534537.

We look forward to hearing from you!

John McMahon

Programme Manager/Policy Adviser, Young People

(*nb - the document attached to this post is only visible if you log in to the HLF Online Community)


Does heritage matter to you?

Would you like to play a role in celebrating Britain’s historic treasures, landscapes and culture - from the archaeology under our feet to the historic parks and buildings we love, from precious memories and museum collections to rare wildlife?

Do you want to see heritage organisations do more to involve young people like you, and to share your ideas and creative talents to help make this possible?

Are you interested to inform funding decisions about projects to support thousands of other young people to get involved with heritage?

The opportunity

At the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), we want to recruit an enthusiastic group of young people aged 16-24 from around the UK to join our new panel of Heritage Ambassadors. We’re testing this approach in 2017 & 2018, with an aspiration to continue it beyond then.

As a group, you’ll meet together up to four times in the year and stay in touch digitally with one another and HLF staff in between.

You’ll share your views on why heritage matters for young people today, and also commit to getting involved in one or more these activities:

  • Event planning, including at renowned heritage locations;
  • Creating youth media campaigns;
  • Interviewing community leaders and heritage professionals;
  • Influencing and informing how HLF funds work for young people now, and could do in the future;
  • Helping wildlife organisations, museums and other heritage places and organisations to understand how they can be better for you and your peers.

Together, your group will use its ideas and creativity – including by writing blogs, using social media, making films, conducting or giving interviews, and much more besides - to share your thoughts and experiences, and help other young people understand heritage in new and different ways.

We are seeking to work with up to 15 young people. We may not be able to offer an opportunity to everyone that applies, as we’ll want to create a group that is balanced across a range of factors including drawing upon young people from across the UK, and with a range of backgrounds and different interests. We may be able to offer other opportunities in the future or put you in touch with heritage projects close to you.

Please find the role description and application form here:

Or, alternatively download the attachment below. (You need to be logged in to the HLF online community to see the attachment on this page)

Please submit your application no later than 5pm Thursday 27 April.

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  1. We’ve discovered today that people have begun to tweet about this opportunity – we’re really pleased that people are excited about it, but had hoped to keep it away from Twitter initially, as we were aiming to promote through specific networks.

    The opportunities are open, but because of the things that the Heritage Ambassadors will do, we can’t accept applications from anyone who is a participant in a project linked to organisations that have applied to HLF’s Kick the Dust programme.

    If you’re a heritage organisation thinking of sharing this with your youth panel or other groups, please bear this in mind before encouraging applications.

    Please also remember that our deadline for applications is this Thursday 27 April at 5pm.

    We look forward to hearing from you!


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  3. A Focus On Nature is a network across the United Kingdom that has brought young people together who have an interest in the natural world, helping to strengthen young people’s voices while supporting and further inspiring them to engage with nature. We believe that this programme for young people to join this ambassador programme is a truly fantastic opportunity.

    This will enable you to be a part of a real decision making process that has significant impact. Gaining team working, communication and critical analytical skills that will be very well respected in any workplace, especially where decision making is important. This experience would look great on any CV, especially on someone who is trying to pursue a career in nature conservation where grant writing is an essential skill. 

    Posted by Elliot Newton - Creative Director for A Focus on Nature 

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  5. Thanks Elliot really good of you to post here - and we look forward to hearing from members of your network!

    The deadline for applications is 5pm today (Thursday). Many thanks to everyone that has already submitted; we look forward to receiving a few more in the next 6 hours!

    If you want to apply but are worried you may not be able to make the deadline - please email or call me to discuss ( / 020 7591 6161).

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  7. Just to note - I've edited the original post to include a direct download link for the role description and application form - which is a bit easier to access, than having to log in to access the attachment. I'll just share it here, too:

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  9. Hello everyone,

    Now the deadline has passed I'd like to add my thanks to those who have expressed an interest and applied to work with us - we had a great response and we're excited about the year ahead. Though sadly we weren't able to give all applicants one of the limited number of  Heritage Ambassdor places we have on offer, we were incredibly impressed by the quality of every application we received. They were really inspiring and demonstrated huge commitment to heritage from young people across the UK.

    Planning for induction and a Kick the Dust-related communication strategy is well underway. Meanwhile, in advance of us meeting the new Heritage Ambassadors face to face for the first time, we hope they will post in this space to introduce themselves.

    Best wishes, Jo

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