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We have recently launched the Great Place Scheme Scotland.

This innovative scheme is designed by HLF and its partners to enable cultural and community groups to work more closely together and to place heritage at the heart of communities. With grants of £100,000 to £1million to support applicants in piloting new, more effective ways of collaborating, the Great Place Scheme welcomes everything from city-wide initiatives to smaller, rural schemes.

We've already begun to receive lots of enquiries about Great Place Scotland, so we're making ourselves available online here on Tuesday 16 May from 2.30-3.30pm to answer any questions you might have about this new programme in real time.

If you’ve got a project idea and want advice on making an application, if you need clarification on any of the guidance, or would simply like to find out more, please join us for this special live Q&A session.

If you aren't available on 16 May, you're welcome to post questions in advance, below, and we’ll answer them on the day. And all the questions and answers will be available after the session as an ongoing repository of information.

Our Scotland Development team look forward to answering your questions.


NB: We recommend refreshing your screen (click the arrow in the address bar, or press F5) regularly to see new questions and answers as they're posted.

View Diane Gray's profile Diane Gray May 9 2017 - 1:22pm
  1. How do you register for live on line discussion?    Is it simply a case of logging in to this forum?

    Thanks Eleanor

  2. View E MacKinnon's profile E MacKinnon
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    Hi Eleanor - you just need to log-in (as you did to post the above comment) to take part tomorrow. Thanks

  4. View Amy Freeborn's profile Amy Freeborn
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  5. hiya! I'm here :)


  6. View Pamela McIntyre's profile Pamela McIntyre
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    Hi Pamela - thanks for joining!

  8. View Diane Gray's profile Diane Gray
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  9. Hello everyone and welcome to our online chat.

    This is Megan and Diane, Development Managers in the Scotland team, available to answer your queries and questions on the Great Place Scheme for the next hour.

  10. View Diane Gray's profile Diane Gray
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    Hi if we have funding from HLF for another project - can we still apply to the Great Place Scheme?

    Also if an award is made how soon are grants awarded?

  12. View Jennifer Russell's profile Jennifer Russell
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    Hi Jennifer

    You can apply to the Great Place Scheme if you have funding for another project, but you can't use funding from Great Place as partnership funding for another HLF project.

    Decisions on full applications to Great Place will be taken in December 2017 and grant funding available in 2018.

  14. View Diane Gray's profile Diane Gray
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    Hi Megan & Diane,

    I just found out about the fund a short while ago, so apologies if this is a very obvious question. How much is the total fund for Scotland?


  16. View Lisa Maclean's profile Lisa Maclean
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    Hi Lisa


    Thanks for the question, and all questions are good, no matter how obvious or not you might think they are! We have £2.5million to invest in Scotland through the Great Place Scheme, and we estimate that we'll have about 5-10 successful project applicaitons for this. More of this initial information can be found on the Great Place Scheme Scotland press release at…


  18. View Megan Braithwaite's profile Megan Braithwaite
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    Thanks for that. I work for a Community Land Trust and as such work with several organisations. Heritage is a very key priority for the area as a whole, so this fund looks great for the strategic plans we have.

  20. View Lisa Maclean's profile Lisa Maclean
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