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We have recently launched the Great Place Scheme Scotland.

This innovative scheme is designed by HLF and its partners to enable cultural and community groups to work more closely together and to place heritage at the heart of communities. With grants of £100,000 to £1million to support applicants in piloting new, more effective ways of collaborating, the Great Place Scheme welcomes everything from city-wide initiatives to smaller, rural schemes.

We've already begun to receive lots of enquiries about Great Place Scotland, so we're making ourselves available online here on Tuesday 16 May from 2.30-3.30pm to answer any questions you might have about this new programme in real time.

If you’ve got a project idea and want advice on making an application, if you need clarification on any of the guidance, or would simply like to find out more, please join us for this special live Q&A session.

If you aren't available on 16 May, you're welcome to post questions in advance, below, and we’ll answer them on the day. And all the questions and answers will be available after the session as an ongoing repository of information.

Our Scotland Development team look forward to answering your questions.


NB: We recommend refreshing your screen (click the arrow in the address bar, or press F5) regularly to see new questions and answers as they're posted.

View Diane Gray's profile Diane Gray May 9 2017 - 1:22pm
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    Hi Seun, Thank you that explains it very well. Kind regards Debbie

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  3. Hi, my name is Oluwaseun Soyemi. I'm the Regeneration Policy Advisor within the Historic Environment Team and I'm also here to answer your questions.

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  5. Hi there


    Could I ask - does the match funding have to be cash from the partner organisations or can it be external match funding from another source e.g. renewable energy funding or LEADER?

    Thanks, Donna

  6. View Donna Marshall's profile Donna Marshall
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    Hi Donna,

    To help demonstrate support and committment of the partnership we ask that the minimum 10% cash match funding should come from more that one organisation within the partnership. However, match funding above this minimum can come from external sources i.e. outside the partnership.

    I hope that helps.

    Thanks, Seun

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    Thanks Seun

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  11. Also keen to know if interpretation is eligible expenditure - and if there is any difference between funding digital interpretation and on the ground interpretation.  Thanks, Donna

    (Sorry, just viewed reply above!)

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  13. We've already had a few initial enquiries about the scheme since it was launched 7 weeks ago and I thought it might be useful to share some of the common questions we've come across with everyone.

    Some of the ideas seem to be on specific heritage projects - such as developing a heritage asset or supporting an existing organisation to manage heritage. These type of projects will most likely fare better under our exisiting programmes such as the Heritage Grants programme (funding from £100,000 +) or Resilient Heritage (funding from £3,000 - £250,000). You can submit project enquiries for both of these programmes through our website or get in touch with us for more advice.

  14. View Megan Braithwaite's profile Megan Braithwaite
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  15. What type of sifting will do you be doing on EOI submissions (quality, compliance…) - how many applications do you hope to be inviting to apply at the full application stage?#

    Thanks, Donna

  16. View Donna Marshall's profile Donna Marshall
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    Hi Donna

    We will be sifting the Expression of Interest submissions based on the aims and outcomes of the programme. We will also consider how 'deliverable' the project is - considering project management and project budget. More information on the criteria is on page 22 of the guidance. We hope to support about 5-10 projects in Scotland but this will depend on the scale of projects and grant requests we receive. We will invite all those that have strong potential under this programme to submit a full application.

  18. View Diane Gray's profile Diane Gray
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  19. Hi Megan and Diane,

    I chair a community of interest on built heritage theme in Dunfermline including Local Authority and Fife Cultural Trust amongst others.  We are really excited about new Library and Gallery opening tomorrow ( excuse promotion) funded with HLF significant support. 

    We want to build on this success by developing a programme to build capacity through leveraging shared development of a tourist proposition which puts the tourist at the centre of the offer.  This will include enaging volunteers to develop content to support walking trails, business opportunity guides to engage local business and specific events.  Would this fund these type of activities along with a co-ordinator position to build the operating practices and capacity?


    Thanks for your assistance



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