Trees and Vandalism

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I am looking at replanting some trees that were sadly vandalised beyond repair by being snapped near the base.  I am planning to replace them this winter/spring, but also looking to put some form of protection in to prevent the new trees from having a similar ending.

One possible solution that might work is to build some sort of tree guard, with the local community being involved in constructing them.  I was just wondering if anyone else has any ideas or hints to prevent future trees suffering similar vandalism.



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  1. In my experience tree vandalism is a symptom of a downfall in local community services.  Lack of good play facilities forces kids to find their own fun, austerity and council cuts breed hate and are followed by damage to the local environment or vandalism is caused by a lack of understanding about the importance and value of trees and public open spaces. I’ve fallen into the tree planting and replacement vortex many a time so I feel your pain.

    I like your idea to get the local community involved – this is the key!

     Community ownership is the most powerful tool. Previously I have planted new trees in similar circumstances and my success has been getting as many people involved in the process as possible – make it their idea and their project. Perhaps get an artist involved in creating a tree guard. There are loads on the market but they are very expensive and quite frankly boring and dull. People are less likely to vandalise funky artwork done by a local artist working with the community.  Film the process, get it into the cyber world, create a selfie spot, name the trees and make them local celebrities, go wild, yarn bomb, have events centred around the trees, light them, make it a local campaign and have fun with it.

    Either you succeed or you learn. Start a lesson’s learnt log; then if you don't succeed you’ll be one step closer to knowing the solution.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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  3. Thanks for your response!  Some creative sounding ideas there.

    I also came across this interesting article:

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  5. in reply to

    that is awesome!!!

    thanks for sharing :-)


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