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We hope that you'll find the community easy and intuitive to use. However, if you do need a hand using any of the features, or spot a technical issue with using the site, then we are here to help.

Please check to see if we've already already provided an answer to your question in the Community help, guidelines and technical issues forum.

If we haven't, you could either start a new discussion in this forum, or get in touch directly and we'll get back to you as soon as I can. There's lots of different ways you can get in touch with us, depending on what you need:

  • For queries about using the community part of the site (including technical issues), or to report something on the community as inappropriate, you should contact Amy, the community manager, via the digital team.
  • If you are experiencing issues with using other parts of the HLF website, please contact the digital team.
  • If your query is related to an application for a grant or using the application form system, you should contact our grant enquiries team.
  • If you'd like to get in touch with your local HLF team, you can find the relevant office contact details on our Contact us page.
  • If you have a press enquiry, you should contact the press team.


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    HI Teresa - your best bet is to post this question as a new thread in the Landscape Partnerships forum, where I'm sure someone will be able to help you. (This thread is more for technical issues and difficulties using the Community.)


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  3. Hi Amy,

    We’re currently planning our contribution to the Thank you promotion in December, which I understand is National Lottery and HLF led. Is the BIG Lottery also involved, as we have received funding from them and we want to make sure we don’t inadvertently leave them out of the thank you.
    Thanks for your help. Paul

  4. View Paul Wilkinson's profile Paul Wilkinson
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    Hi Paul,

    Great question, thank you. The #ThanksToYou campaign is designed to be a thank you to National Lottery players - without them playing the games, we wouldn't have the funds to distribute to good causes all over the UK - so you won't be missing anyone out.

    And in fact the campaign rolls-out over four weeks. HLF is leading on w/c December 11 and we're thrilled you're planning on taking part.  Big Lottery Fund is spear-heading the community week, which will start on 26th November. It will mainly take place on social media with two short videos being used as a catalyst to encourage Big Lottery Fund beneficiaries across the UK to say Thank You to National Lottery players across their own channels. 

    BLF will email a toolkit ahead of time to everyone on their newsletter email list.  If you don't receive the email newsletter, let us know your email address and we'll get you added to the list.

    Also, did you know we've got a thread of FAQs about the #ThanksToYou campaign? If you've got any further questions, please ask them in that thread and then all participating attractions will be able to benefit from the answers. 


  6. View Amy Freeborn's profile Amy Freeborn
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  7. Hi Amy, is this the right forum to comment about our current project? I understand that decision will be made in April for x large scales; can you please navigate me as our Manager current Payment Request and Project Progress Report that have to be completed during the life of our project? Season greetings to you all.
    Kind Regards

  8. View Rev. Kenneth Mebei's profile Rev. Kenneth Mebei
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    Hello, and apologies for the slow reply - your comment must have slipped through the festive season net.

    Your best bet is to speak to your grants officer if you have any queries regading where to find the Payment Request and Project Progress Report for a current project. If you're unsure who your grants officer is, you can find contact details for your local HLF office via this page:

  10. View Amy Freeborn's profile Amy Freeborn
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  11. I will shortly be submitting our first stage application. However, the portal only accepts up to 10 attachments and I have more than that to accompany my application. Is there an email address which will enable me to send the rest of the supporting evidence?

    Thanks in advance for your help, James

  12. View James Horne's profile James Horne
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    Hi James - you will be able to email the additional attachments through to your local office, just make sure you clearly outline which application they refer to, ie: include the project reference number, organisation and project title.

    You can find contact details for each of our offices on this page:

    Get in touch with them and explain the situation, and they will be able to give you a specific email address to send your attachments to (dont' just send them to the generic office address).

    Best of luck.

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    Dear Amy


    I was unable to join you yesterday for your Webinair

    Would it be possible to see a recording??


    Many thanks

    Paul Jackson

    The Garboldisham Fox

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    Hi Paul - yesterday's live chat was text-based, and you can read the full chat here:…

    And later today I will be posting a summary of the key points in the General discussions forum:


  18. View Amy Freeborn's profile Amy Freeborn
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  19. Hello
    I am preparing a Management and Maintenance Plan for a forcoming HLF bid submission next month. Does anybody have any examples they are happy to share of their plans that were deemed acceptable by the HLF?
    Thank you John

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