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We hope that you'll find the community easy and intuitive to use. However, if you do need a hand using any of the features, or spot a technical issue with using the site, then we are here to help.

Please check to see if we've already already provided an answer to your question in the Community help, guidelines and technical issues forum.

If we haven't, you could either start a new discussion in this forum, or get in touch directly and we'll get back to you as soon as I can. There's lots of different ways you can get in touch with us, depending on what you need:

  • For queries about using the community part of the site (including technical issues), or to report something on the community as inappropriate, you should contact Amy, the community manager, via the digital team.
  • If you are experiencing issues with using other parts of the HLF website, please contact the digital team.
  • If your query is related to an application for a grant or using the application form system, you should contact our grant enquiries team.
  • If you'd like to get in touch with your local HLF team, you can find the relevant office contact details on our Contact us page.
  • If you have a press enquiry, you should contact the press team.


View Community team's profile Community team Oct 6 2014 - 11:12am
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    Hi Daniel - I'd suggest you check out our Young People and Heritage forum. There are a couple of specific Kick The Dust threads in there, as well as lots of other more general discussions about HLF projects involving young people.



  2. View Amy Freeborn's profile Amy Freeborn
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  3. Hi Amy, 

    I haven't used the forum before, but following on from the Kick the Dust session in Edinburgh last week I wanted to share that our national children's organisation is interested in partnering with heritage organisations.  Where would be the best place to share a bit more about us? 

    Thank you, Jacqueline


  4. View Jacqueline Cassidy's profile Jacqueline Cassidy
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    Hi Jacqueline - please post in our Young People and Heritage forum.

    Thank you,


  6. View Amy Freeborn's profile Amy Freeborn
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  7. Hi Amy,

    I Would like to apply for HLF funding for a project on the 120 Year Heritage of Doncaster Cinemas.

    What would be the minimum of funding to apply for.

    Thank you.

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    Hi Ronald,

    Our minimum grant request is £3,000 under the Sharing Heritage programme. Please download and read the application guidance for the programme to find out more. An application would need to be led by a not-for-profit organisation.

    Hope this helps.


  10. View Emma Mastin's profile Emma Mastin
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  11. Dear Amy
    I would like to invite my delivery team to join the discussion tomorrow ‘Using the Arts to Interpret heritage’. Do they have to go through a lengthy registration process or can they simply log in with the email and password I do?


    Gavin Clayton
    Arts & Minds Cambridge

  12. View Gavin Clayton's profile Gavin Clayton
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    Hi Gavin - in our Live Chats forum we recently introduced a new way to comment, which means if people aren't already registered on the HLF site, they can log in to comment using their Facebook or Twitter accounts.

    If they were to log in with your HLF username and password, and if they wanted to post a comment or ask a question, it would come up under your name (not theirs), which would be a bit confusing.

    So in the interests of ease and speed, I would suggest they use one of their social media accounts to log in. Commenting will open at 12.30pm on Thursday.

    And of course, let me add, that people can still follow along without logging in. They just need to be logged in if they want to comment or ask a question.


  14. View Amy Freeborn's profile Amy Freeborn
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  15. Hi Amy,


    I am new to the HLF site (I am registered) and also to Live Chats. I would like to follow/participate in the LGBT chat tomorrow at 12:30pm. Can you let me know how I do this?





  16. View Ali Hanbury's profile Ali Hanbury
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    Hi Ali - welcome! If you just head to the live chat thread tomorrow, at or just after 12.30pm, that's when comments will be opened and the chat will begin. At that point you will be able to simply follow along in real time. If you want to comment, you can do so either by logging in with your HLF account (using the link at the top of the page), or you can sign in using one of your social media profiles via a link you will see next to the comment box (once comments are opened at 12.30pm). It should all be clear once things get started tomorrow. It might also be worth having a look at some of the previous threads in the live chats forum to get an idea of how things generally unfold.

    Look forward to you joining in tomorrow,


  18. View Amy Freeborn's profile Amy Freeborn
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  19. Hi guys

    has anyone got a template for providing  an evaluation of the development phase  for a Lnadscape partnership


  20. View Teresa O'Hare's profile Teresa O'Hare
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