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Hi, I'm looking for help with accessible versions of the HLF branding.

I'm recruiting a Youth Board for the project I'm working on at Hereford Cathedral and some of the members are from the RNC (the Royal National College for the Blind). The students I am recruiting tend to use screen-reading software, rather than braille or audio transcription. To make documents friendly for the screen-reading software, all graphics, tables, bullet points, etc. have to be removed, and all photos or pictures have to be described.

This means that the HLF graphic has to be removed from the documents for these members, but this makes me unhappy - I want HLF acknowledgement on every document! This seems like a problem that anyone working with blind or partially sighted participants would have encountered, so has anyone else had the same issue? Has anyone found a solution? Is there an approved description of the HLF logo which I could include instead?

Thanks in advance for your help! 

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  1. Hi Sarah

    Thanks for the post.

    I am the Website and Digital Manager here at HLF and I am also reponsible for making sure our website is accessible. Hope I can help.

    You should still be able to include the HLF acknowledgement logos while still ensuring your docs are accessible.

    As long as the information the logo contains (obviously depending on what logo you are using) is conveyed in the alt text (or alt description field in MS Word) this will be able to be read by screenreaders.

    The important point is to make sure users get still benefit from the information the logo contains. You could argue by removing it, screenreader users are not able to extract the same amount of info as other users.

    Happy to chat further on this.


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  3. in reply to

    Hi Tom, thanks for your reply!

    I can include a text description, but I wondered whether there was an agreed/official description of the logo that I should be using?

    Obviously I can put 'Funded by the National Lottery and Heritage Lottery Funded' in text form, but I'd love to include a description of the logo too, so that it's the equal equivalent. Is there such a description?

    Hope that makes sense. Thank you!

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  5. Hi Sarah

    The most important points is to make sure the alt text (edited within the properties of the image) reflects the information the logo is conveying. Each alt text should be unique to the image/logo in question.

    For example for our 'Awarding Funds' logo (when it IS NOT a link), the alt text would be 'Awarding funds from The National Lottery'.

    For more info, this page on is great (see example 2.)



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