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We just wanted to share our thanks and appreciation as we complete our recently funded HLF project.  We were lucky enough to work with 6 groups of children in Harwich, Essex, from different primary schools to deliver workshops exploring life on-board the Mayflower.   The 400th anniversary of the Mayflower's crossing to America is rapidly approaching and her Captain hailed from Harwich.  The history of the voyage is incredible and so we were delighted to share it with the young people of this great town.

All the children learnt some seamanship skills including how to tie different knots, hoisting sails, making ships biscuits, how lighthouses operate, rope making and much more. Each grouped also toured Harwich and visited the Maritime Museum, the Low Lighthouse, The Treadmill Crane and The Halfpenny Pier where they received talks given by local specialists from the Harwich Society.

After such a rewarding few months seeing this project through to delivery we look forward to hopefully another phase.  The Mayflower story effects many areas of the UK including Harwich, Rotherhithe, Southampton and Plymouth to name but a few and we’d love to take this history onwards.

We just wanted to take this opportunity to share our film we made that really highlights the joy of the project – we hope you enjoy!  And if you have any feedback, comments or queries please do get in touch…we love to chat!


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  1. Thank you for sharing, Mandy. And it's great to hear you - and the children - have enjoyed this project so much!

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