Changing Places toilets guidelines, blog articles and potential solutions

At time of writing this article, 16 out of 1069 Changing Places toilets are in museums.  

We are working collaboratively with families and Changing Places to produce a web source of information for the installation of Changing Places toilets, mobiloo (portable changing places toilets) and free standing CP toilets.  The web resource also includes space requirements and links to advice particularly Historic England and Changing Places. 
Furthermost, we have worked with families effected by lack of facilities with blog sites and article by Alison Beevers.  We will be increasing our articles in the coming weeks

Link is here:…

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  1. Hi Becky,

    Lovely to read your post. We have teamed up with IHUS projects to run FREE Changing Places workshops throughout 2018.

    The workshops will run every month from 10.00am - 2.00pm and include lunch.

    To find out more please click the link below:

    Alternatively, please call IHUS on 0808 164 11 11 or email

    Jane Cooper
    Access For All UK



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