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What practical and straightforward methods do you use to collect people's socio-economic group data?

The HLF Evaluation Guidelines ask for the socio-economic groups (using the ONS categories) for visitors, volunteers and trainees.  The method for establishing a person's socio-economic category is quite complex and involves asking them several questions.  This is easier to do with volunteers or trainees who sign up to the project using an application form, but it is unrealistic to ask all these questions of general visitors to e.g. a historic site or participants in an event. 

HLF wants to know that their funding reaches a wide range of people, which is why they ask for this data.

Please can the HLF team, and other Community Forum members, suggest some tried and tested methods to gather this data in a practical way?

Thank you very much!

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  1. Hello,

    I have the same question as Nicola and would like to know exactly how much detail I need to collect about socio-economic status for people visiting our events? The events only run for 2 hours and people drop in and out so asking them specific information about their employment status seems too much especially because a lot of the people we work with have English as a second language. Could you give an example of a question I could ask to get an appropriate response to this question?



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  3. I'd like an answer to this question too! I am planning a questionnaire to evaluate our project, but I hate having to ask people about their socio-economic background - it feels intrusive and irrelevant to the rest of the questions. Any tips would be very helpful!

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