Consultant required for Eco Museum Activity and Engagement Plan (Cumbria)

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The South Cumbria Species Restoration Project is a six-year, multi-partner project that aspires to deliver a project of national significance with high local impact, with an aim to reintroduce 12 species of flora and fauna across 5000 hectares of lowland fringing Morecambe Bay in South Cumbria and North Lancashire. The Heritage Lottery Fund have awarded the University of Cumbria  (lead partner) a one-year (to November 2018) development grant of £174,500 to finalise the project plan and business case, and work towards an application for a five-year delivery grant of £1,090,700.

UoC will work with key partners Natural England (NE), Forestry Commission (FC) and Cumbria Wildlife Trust (CWT), and a suite of other organisations, to achieve a sequential programme of species restorations and community initiatives focusing on natural heritage.

As lead partner, the University of Cumbria wishes to appoint a consultant to carry out the necessary research and development, and to produce a detailed ‘Activity and Engagement Plan’ for a Morecambe Bay Ecomuseum. The plan will form part of the overarching Project Activity Plan’, as required by the HLF for submission of a second round heritage grant application, and should outline a way forward to achieving sustainable management.

Attached is a brief and invitation to quote. Total budget available is £6,000. 

Please contact myself ( / 07795122215) or via this forum for further information. 

Many thanks



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  1. Hi James, great and Excellent! can we speak morrow about this? is a similar project i am working on now with Department of Education working in team with HLF is great many thanks.

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  3. Hi James - I just wanted to let you know that we're hosting a live chat on Thursday 8 March about working with consultants, which may be of use to you and your above query. Please do tune in if you can:…

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  5. Hello HLF

    My main interest is in the Eco Museum component of the project

    I'm not sure if this is the best place to post but I am one of the target groups of citizen scientist volunteers.  I attended  the outreach sessions in Silverdale and suggested that the Furness Railway Line could be a landscape feature tying together the project's target population.  

    Whether by accident or design, the project is set to work in B4RNland.  B4RNland is the growing area of north Lancashire and South Cumbria with access to the best symmetrical gigabit broadband in the world, owned and operated by, and for, the ongoing benefit of the community.  

    Silverdale Station has recently been provided with a B4RN WIFI facility, situated as it is in a mobile phone notspot where none of Northern's supposedly 'live' train information boards are able to work at all.  The Friends of Silverdale Station are working with the Furness Line Community Partnership to see if it would be possible to  provide similar connectivity around Morecambe Bay.

    It seems self evident that it will be through exploitation of today's technology that the project will be able to capitalise upon, and galvanise the interest and support of, the younger demographic.  

    I've attached  a few URLs  FYI


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