Does anyone have experience of restoring Terrazzo?


Does anyone have any experiene of restoring Terrazzo? In particular of removing paint.

We have a building which has ceiling height terrazzo in the Grand Hall and then dado height on the upper hall. All of it has either been painted with magnolia emulsion, or has been varnished!

Is it safe to use ordinary paint stripper products to remove the paint or do we need to use some other method?

Money is tight (isn't it for all of us taking on restorations) and we are hoping to be able to get some volunteers involved in the paint removal.

Thank you in advance for any advice.


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  1. Hello Jane

    You have to be very careful with any kind of paint removal product as many can do more harm than good. In many cases the chemicals are too strong and will damage the surface. So paint removal is possible but you will need to make sure that you source the appropriate product and then follow the instructions to the letter. Also make sure that you test the product in a small, representative but inconspicious place first, and allow time to monitor the results to check that there are no advsere effects or unintended consequences.

    More info can be found at… (Terrazzo is similar)

    And suppliers can be found here:… Some offer a service where you can send a sample of the paint and they will work out which product is most suitable.

    If you'd like to get some tailored free advice from building conservation experts on this topic I'd also suggset calling the SPAB's Technical Helpline: 

    Hope this helps!

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