Getting to grips with Kickstarter - advice?

Recently I was lucky enough to attend the CultureGeek event in London, which looks at how cultural organisations are “adapting to the changing digital landscape”.

One really interesting talk was by Will Stanley, Senior Communications Officer at the Science Museum, who recently helped run successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter - Rebuild Eric: The UK's First Robot.

Here are his tips on running a successful Kickstarter campaign at your organisation:

  • Have a compelling story - and only consider crowdfunding for a really special, important project. Remember, if you don't hit your target, you won't receive any money!
  • Make a great video to share on Kickstarter's homepage
  • Have a really relatable “figurehead” to front the campaign
  • Choose the amount of money you are looking for carefully - it needs to be achievable, but also enable you to actually do what you want to do! And have really awesome rewards for every level of backer (also, make sure these rewards are sent out on time after the campaign is over!)
  • Back up your campaign with a structured social media plan - Eric the Robot received an RT on Twitter from the actor who played Kryten in Red Dwarf 
  • Continue to create new, regular content - Will created content every one-weeks to update followers and backers, including making gifs and videos as the robot was rebuilt
  • Reach out to the press
  • At the end, the Museum held a special event for the backers, which produced good PR

As he mentioned, “two-thirds” of those who took part had never backed anything on Kickstarter before, proving that the campaign had reached new audiences, and potentialy introduced new people to the Museum.

Have you used crowdfunding at your organisation? Do you have any more tips?


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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Katie.

    There's also some great tips and advice to be found in this thread from our live chat on Crowdfunding:

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