Glasgow HF Outdoor Club Sharing Heritage grant.

I have just finished with my walking clubs centenary year . Glasgow HF Outdoor Club were able to celebrate their 100th year with the award of £4,500 form the Sharing Heritage Fund .

This enabled us to purchase a flat bed scanner in order to digitise our paper records which go back over 90 years, this was step one and the most important step as without this we could not have progressed much further from that we 1) Built a new heritage website 2) Produce a book on the Clubs 100 years of providing outdoor recreation for people from and around the Glasgow  area .3) Have an exhibition of club memorabilia at Glasgow Mtchell Library which ran for 4 weeks . 4 )Build a new Facebook page . We also produced eye catching stand up banners which were used for the exhibition.

We had a number of volunteers from the Club who acted as tour guides for the exhibtion and were paid travel expenses(Lottery Funded) for their time, the exhibition was very well attended with lots of positive comments in the visitors book .

View Jim McLarnon's profile Jim McLarnon Nov 9 2017 - 2:08pm
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