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Hello Everyone,

I'm three weeks into my new role as HLF Project Officer for the South Cliff Gardens 'Parks for People' renovation project in Scarborough (#Waves). We are in the development stage 2.

Although I've designed and build gardens in the past this will be my first HLF project; therefore all advice, guidance and good examples are welcome! I would love to come visit other projects that have already been successful so please get in touch (victoria.thompson@scarborough.gov.uk).

I would very much like to set up a youth steering group to lead the design of the new play features we are proposing and I've most excitedly already received interested from local youth groups and young carers. I was wondering - has anyone set up a youth steering group before and had success?

Many Thanks

Vicky T



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  1. Creative youth engagement agency Beatfreeks are currently supporting several heritage organisations to engage young people and they have provided some handy top tips (see attachment).

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  3. Hi Vicky, I've come across another resource which might be useful to you. Attached you'll find top tips on setting up a youth panel, as put together by the Kids in Museums group and the Geffrye Museum.

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  5. Enjoy your new role Vicky! Great advice here, which we at HLF have followed, too, in recently setting up our own youth panel of heritage ambassadors – see #KicktheDust and #DustKickers on Twitter and Instagram. I’d agree it’s important to be clear about the tasks and to give some genuine decision-making power to the group. Obviously, the diversity of the group is important and if you want to create a more accessible park, working with people with lived experience of exclusion is important.

    I was talking to a practitioner the other day and discussing how so often in parks we create a single play area at one end of the space which inevitably acts as a honey pot while the rest of the park remains empty of children! I like the Play England resources which encourage a more holistic and creative approach to play in natural heritage spaces: http://www.playengland.org.uk/parks-and-open-spaces/

    The resources might spark ideas for others developing their HLF parks activity plan.

    Best wishes,


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  7. Hi Everyone,

    Thank you for your help these are ace!

    I'm going to enjoy reading through these - many thanks for your help.

    Vicky T

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  9. Hi Vicky,

    I just want to give you some further encouragement. We introduced HLF's new youth advisory group to high level decision making this week and they were amazing; they brought such energy and intelligence to our work and we are the richer for their input. I can't recommend trialling some high quality work to you enough!  Have a look out for #KicktheDust and #DustKickers on Twitter to see some of our sharing.


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  11. Hi Vicky, I'm just recruiting a Youth Board for our Eastern Cloisters project at Hereford Cathedral. I'm really happy to pass on some lessons I've learned from our local council Youth Council and some other cathedrals I've spoken to - feel free to email me (sarah.hollingdale@herefordcathedral.org)

    One main thing that came back from speaking to people was that many teenagers don't know what 'Steering Group' means, so we changed it to Youth Board. 

    BeatFreeks are AMAZING, so I would definitely look at their work!

    Hope that helps!


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