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We have a number of various volunteers on our Townscape Heritage project supporting a wide range of activities from attending community events to assisting our consultants in the development of a Characterisation study. Whilst some of these activities fall naturally under a HLF volunteer category i.e. Skilled/ Unskilled labour others are more unclear. If anyone has any further guidance on this, it would be greatly appreciated.

Also, when recording volunteer time the claim form requests number of volunteer days, however much work tends to be based on hours. I'd be interested to know how projects calculate their volunteer 'days'.

How many hours do you use to make a day?

Do you use your own organisations working day as a basis?

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  1. Hi Sarah,

    I'd suggest you add up the hours your volunteers give and divide by 7 to get a number of days. I wouldn't agonise over the categories of labour. Our guidance gives three levels: £50 a day; £150 a day or £350 a day and suggests indicative roles but we're happy for you to make a judgement about which category bets fits your volunteers. We don't have plans to review these categories in the short term.

    It's great to hear that you're successfully involving volunteers and getting that local public buy-in to your project; we know that this is a big part of what makes our heritage projects fly!


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    Hi Jo,


    I was wondering if you could expand a little further on this: when inputting volunteer hours in the portal, is it compulsory that they must be defined by individual occurence, i.e. 'Jo Bloggs, Two Hours, Fundraising 01/01/17, 0.3 of a day etc, or would it be acceptable to group activities / volunteers together to there are not so many individual details to input? We have a large volunteer base with many different lines of activities on different days and would be very helpful if we could simplify this at all.


    Many Thanks

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    Hi Hazell,

    I can tell you what we do on Black to Green project which may help? We have a master volunteer log where every incident of volunteering is gathered and given the skill category of unskilled, skilled, professional. This is recorded in hours. Each quarter, I tot up all the hours into skill categories and divide by 7 to turn into days. I put this on a small summary excel spreadsheet which I include as an attachment to our claim. If I have any surplus hours, I keep them to add on to next quarter. On the portal, I then just enter three lines and state 'Various tasks - see attached log' for each of the three skill levels. This works for us! If HLF wanted more information or to audit, we have all the information on the Master Log.

    Hope that helps.


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    That's great Bethany thanks so much for sharing that info!


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    I'm guessing that you only say 1 volunteer on each line?

    thankyou for the answer, very helpful!

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  11. May I add that the calculation on the form takes the number of volunteers and multiplies it by the days entered - so you need to divide the number of days you've calculated by the number of volunteers who took part in that activity to get the correct monetary figure at the end.


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