Inclusive Practice in Museums and Heritage: Disability Co-operative Network

The Disability Cooperative Network works in the Heritage Sector with national charities, organisations, people with disabilities, academics, groups, disability networks in other sectors, curators and managers to promote and embed inclusive practice in the service delivery and workforce of the heritage and cultural sector

We have a website of free resources  (  twitter:@museumDCN) which is regularly updated to support organisations of all budgets and types to create inclusive practice.   We are happy to support organisations and people with funding bids.

These include:

  • Standards for text interpretation, Changing Places toilets
  • Guidelines for captioning films and videos 
  • Creating multi-sensory experiences
  • Welcoming Assistance Dogs into your organisation

DCN support a number of museums and regional agencies in awareness training regarding barriers that neurodivergent people (dyslexia, dyspraxia, AD(H)D and autism etc) may experience in the participation and engagement in museums and heritage, and identifying low cost and effective solutions.  We also provide support to organisations in creating access panels with local communities and  creating opportunities to build knowledge into the sector through positive collaboration with other sectors and people.

We are working towards more disabled and neurodivergent people working and supported in the workplace by recognising and reducing barriers in working practice. We have also participated in a groundbreaking, national report on the barriers of recruiting and retaining neurodivergent  talent in the workplace.  We also mentor and are a member of two national boards.

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