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I wonder if anyone has had any experience of putting togther a management and maintenance plan for digital outputs for the 5 years post project? I need to put one together for our application but most of the guidance form HLF is focussed on buildings. Any tips or examples would be greatly appreciated. I have read and referenced all of the digital policy info it's more around the maitenance I could do with some tips. Thanks

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  1. Hi Julia, just quickly, you might be interested in this post about how to make your website easy to archive… But I will also find someone else here at HLF to offer some more specific advice.



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  3. Thanks Amy


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    Hi Julia

    If you have now done your M&M Plan for digital outputs, would you mind me having a copy? I think we may need something similar.

    Thanks, Jacky




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  7. Hi both,

    I was about to post something almost exactly the same as Julia - we have had the same requirement from our HLF office, and they've suggested we post on here.  Did either of you have any luck in creating your plan (Julia) or obtaining more specific guidance (Amy)?

    Thanks in advance,


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  9. Hi Graeme,

    We funded a project called My Route and they have said they are happy to share their plan (see document) and for you to get in touch with them if you would like to chat about their project.

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  11. Hi Julia, I've had a bit of a chat with a couple of colleagues, and to ensure that digital outputs are kept up-to-date, function as intended and do not become obsolescent before the fifth anniversary of the grant expiry date, here are some points to consider -

    Firstly, when we say 'function as intended' we mean that it keeps “living”; not just that it stays online, but that it continues being updated.

    So I think the two most important areas to think about are:

    1. What is the process, what is the cost, and who is going to be responsible for maintaining ownership of the website domain name, the website hosting contract, and updating the website content management system if you're using an open source one, such as WordPress, for example?
    2. Who is going to be responsible for maintaining the existing content, and uploading a regular flow of new content during the post-project period - how often will they post, what type of content will they post, etc?

    And it's probably also worth considering how you will ensure all this happens - don't just rely on one person, and don't just rely on it being in their head - and what is the back-up plan if something goes wrong, or the person initially given responsibility for the task(s) doesn't follow-through?


    I hope that gives you some starting points to work from with your plan.

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    Hi Amy


    I have rather belatedly seen this - and we are full flow in our project now but the tips are pertinent still so thanks for this. I think its key to think baout ongoing content genaration as well as maitenance and it's being realsitic about the amount of time it takes to generate good content.


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  15. As app developers we always highlight to potential applicants that HLF are looking for future-proofing. We offer a (voluntary) Support & Maintenance Agreement for our apps. I can send a copy of this document to you if you were interested to read it:

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