Recommendations for a Heritage Landscape Conservation Consultant.

Looking for recommendations for a flexible and adaptable heritage landscape conservation consultant to carryout a streamlined (cost effective) desk based research, review and summary of documents. In consultation with Landscape Architects and Architects, District Council and Friends |Group to create a Conservation Plan. Resulting in a heritage overview of existing plans, subsequent conservation statement (and historic timeline) to lead decision making, giving due consideration to the ecology, current social use and landscape (heritage). 

Importantly we are looking for someone to create a concise and usable, accessible to the public so the language used must be clear, and where possible jargon-free. 

The plan will review key heritage features, which need to be researched and highlighted, including but not limited to the bandstand, landscape gardens & paths, lamp posts, Pulhamite rockerie, flint boundary walls, fountain, miniature steam railway and other key features. The plan should also provide an insight to of the character, pattern and quality of the landscape, including historic categorization, classification and a general landscape character assessment.

View Hayley White's profile Hayley White Jul 13 2017 - 4:10pm
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