Seven ways to thank National Lottery players

Recently, a new question has been added to the application forms: How are you planning to promote and acknowledge National Lottery players' contribution to your project through HLF funding?

Private philanthropists receive a wealth of exciting invitations to glamorous events thanking them for their contribution. We think National Lottery players deserve a thank you as well – after all, they have helped raise over £7.1billion since 1994 for heritage across the UK.

Here are some ideas from the South East team:

  1. Free or reduced price entry with a lottery ticket. Gainsborough House in the East of England led the way with free entry for anyone with a lottery ticket for three weekends in the run up to last Christmas. Read more here:
  2. A sticker or stamp if you come to your project’s event with a lottery ticket. Simple but effective.
  3. A special National Lottery players’ event or evening. Perhaps an early private view of an exhibition, or a chance to see behind-the-scenes of a refurbishment.
  4. Advertise your volunteering opportunities and events in places where people buy lottery tickets – get to know your local newsagent and see if you can move the leaflet stand next to the Lottery ticket stand.
  5. If you use social media make regular use of #NationalLottery, thanking the people that fund Britain’s diverse heritage.
  6. Staff members or volunteers who play the lottery regularly could speak in publicity about the link between a £2 ticket and the project they are part of.
  7. Ensure that you acknowledge your grant as much as possible! We have banners, plaques and downloads for your website, but don’t feel you have to stop there. We are particularly interested in grant acknowledgment cakes and we will be happy to test them. See here for more heritage cakes:

Please share any of your ideas to say gracias, merci, danke and Diolch below.

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