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As a Development Officer, I thought I'd take the opportunity to share with you some information about how you can use our team to help you to improve your applications.

Teimlo’n ysbrydoledig ond ddim yn siŵr ble i ddechrau gyda’ch cais am grant CDL?  Gwyddom oll sut deimlad yw cael syniad da, ond ar yr un pryd heb fod ag unrhyw syniad o gwbl beth i’w wneud ag ef!

Feeling inspired but not sure where to start with your HLF grant application?  We all know how it feels to have a good idea, while at the same time having absolutely no idea what to do with it! From writing essays at school, through to cleaning the house or tackling that ever-growing jobs list – getting started is always the hardest part. 

If you have an idea you can always ask us questions on the Online Community or phone us for a quick chat, but for most of our grant programmes we have a Project Enquiry Form for you to fill in first. This enables us to get to know your idea and then give you some written feedback on your ideas before working on a full application.  If you have questions about why and how to submit the Project Enquiry Form you can read my blog here.

We would also love to hear your experiences about the process, how it has helped and feel free to ask us any questions that you may have. 

Hoffem gael clywed ar eich profiadau am y proses. Peidiwch â phetruso cysylltu â fi os oes gennych unrhyw gwestiwn.


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  1. Great advice Julie.  To sum up: 

    -  If you have a question about HLF, ask HLF!  The project enquiry form isn't part of the assessment process.  Just get your ideas down with some idea of overall budget and send it in.  Then we can start a conversation.

    - Have a look at what others have done.  Sometimes I get asked if it's ok to speak to other grantees.  YES!  Find the, speak to them and take good ideas from others. No need to be reinventing wheels.

    Good luck!



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  3. Thanks for your post Julie. 

    I looked at the initial project enquiry form and I found that it required a fair bit of detail. I am new to applying for grants and will be applying by myself, so where could I go to sound out an idea? I emailed my West Midlands contact and they told me to fill in the project enquiy form but I'm not ready to do this yet.  

    Best wishes, 


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