Getting Creative When Acknowledging Your HLF Grant

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As our How to acknowledge your grant guidance states, grantees are encouraged to get creative when acknowledging HLF support. I thought I would share one of my favourites.

The Wellington Trust recently completed an Our Heritage project that explored how British and Commonwealth Merchant Navy ships were converted into hospital and troop vessels during the First World War.

The exhibition was on display on board the HQS Wellington from early August 2014 until end May 2015.

A digital 360 tour of the exhibition can be found here.

To acknowledge our funding, an HLF flag was flown from the ship's mast, as you can see from the attached pictures.

Do you have any examples? Post below!


View Jamie McGarrigle's profile Jamie McGarrigle Aug 18 2015 - 11:37am
  1. Hi Jamie,

    This is a good example…

    St. John at Hackney Church are currently in their development phase, working towards their Heritage Grant round 2 submission.

    Children from local schools acknowledged HLFs support in a way that we had never seen before!


  2. View Heather Turvey's profile Heather Turvey
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  3. More transport related acknowledgement - Lincoln Castle Revealed project at Kings Cross station and on the side of a bus!


  4. View Sarah Burgess's profile Sarah Burgess
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  5. Get your contractors to attach a lovely big sign to fencing or scaffolding- it helps people understand what is going on behind closed doors!


    • HLF sign being attached to fence
  6. View Catherine Kemp's profile Catherine Kemp
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  7. Badges are always a winner. Traditional Polish dress optional! Some great photos from recent exhibition as part of the Fitting In and Getting Along project run by the Midland Polish Association




    • Acknowledge your grant with HLF badges
    • Traditional Polish dress with HLF badges
  8. View Catherine Kemp's profile Catherine Kemp
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  9. As are cupcakes!

    I must also share this link to our Flickr album of Baking Heritage for more HLF-related cake goodness.


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  11. Talking of a baking heritage, try this on on for size.  HLF helped us restore one of only a very few working tide mills in Europe.  The resulting authentic stoneground wholemeal flour makes a fantastic wholemeal loaf.   Also fruit cakes, pizza bases, biscuits, and even cupcakes!


    • Woodbridge Tide Mill flour
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  13. The Royal Star & Garter Homes was delighted to receive a grant of £10,000 from The Heritage Lottery Fund towards our centenary project which incorporates a keepsake book and a community awareness programme.

    We are a charity founded one hundred years ago in 1916. We were established to care for the severely injured young men returning from the battlegrounds of the First World War. Today, we provide outstanding care to the whole military family in our friendly, modern and comfortable homes in Surbiton and Solihull. Disabled ex-Servicemen and women, and their partners, can all benefit from our pioneering approach to nursing, dementia and therapeutic care.

    We also have a Charity-wide initiative to acknowledge our most valued supporters on a ‘Giving Tree’ which is a beautifully carved wooden tree, featuring individual bronze leaves engraved with the name of each supporter who has recently made a significant gift to the Charity.  The unique design of the tree mirrors the award-winning Arts and Crafts interior design of the Home and is mounted on a wall in the reception area of our Surbiton Home with each leaf remaining in place for five years.


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  15. Here is a very creative example of grant acknowledgement!

    The Somme Observed Community Knitting (SOCK) project have been knitting to commemorate the Glasgow Pals Battalions in the Battle of the Somme. In the First World War knitting for sons, husbands and brothers was commonplace with packages sent to all fronts, and knitting for the troops was a national pastime throughout the conflict. A square has been created for each Soldier in the Glasgow 'pals' battalions and these will be displayed outside the People's Palace in Glasgow until 26 August 2016.




  16. View Annie Mottisfont's profile Annie Mottisfont
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  17. I love all of these great ideas!

    One of our Community Heritage Fund small grants was awarded to a local photographer to capture portraits of the people who live and work in the Ouse Washes Landscape and tell their stories.

    We are holding an exhibition during our summer festival, OuseFest, and a beautiful archival photo book is being produced.

    What better way to acknowledge our project and the HLF than by getting half the team out into our marshy landscape for a photo shoot…

    Ouse Washes Landscape Partnership


  18. View Sara Marshall's profile Sara Marshall
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  19. I visited a HLF-funded archaelogical project in Marple, near Stockport last month.  The excavation is in full flow and generating a lot of interest, however it is too early to install interpretation boards or plaques so the group have found a BIG way of acknowledging their grant.

    This is a great reminder for projects that it is never too early to install even a semi-permanent acknowledgement of your funding sources to help spread the word about both HLF funding and your successfully funded project.

    Helen :)


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