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I'd be very interested to hear from anyone who may have been involved with using motion capture technology for recording and/or archiving the movement of dancers, and especially the post-production (ie modelling and animation) of the FBX motion capture files produced. We've just completed a HLF Project where this was one of the elements. 



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  1. Hi Martin, this sounds like a really interesting project! I'm not actually aware of any other grantees using such technology (although I'd be happy to be proved wrong)…

    I'd love to hear a bit more about how you came up with the idea to utilise motion capture, and how you see the completed footage being used. And of course, please do post the completed footage here, too.

    Thanks for sharing.


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  3. We're intending to expand and develop the Project, with a new application to HLF Our Heritage, looking at the evolution of street dance - we'll look at the dance forms that influenced Hip Hop from various cultures, and those dance forms that have in turn been influenced by Hip Hop.

    The end result will be in the form of an interactive computer game where users can explore the ineage of street dance - a new set of dancers will be motion captured to accompany the ones we captured in our first project. 

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