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We have recently launched Cynllun Lle Arbenning Cymru / Great Place Wales, a £1.5million National Lottery investment to promote a partnership approach to regeneration in Wales.  This is a space for us to direct you to information that is available to help you develop your Great Place idea and for you to ask us any questions on the process

We've summarised some of the key points for you here.


We have £1.5million to invest in Wales through the Great Place Scheme, with which we estimate we'll be able to fund about 5-8 successful projects.


The deadline for submitting expressions of interest is midday on 14 August 2017. Those invited to progress to the next stage will have to submit a full application by midday on 7 December2017.

Decisions on full applications will be taken in March 2018, with funding available in 2018.


Expression of interest submissions will be analysed based on the aims and outcomes of the programme. We will also take into account how 'deliverable' the project is - considering project management and project budget.


We want to support projects that will contribute towards a step-change in how organisations work together, and for this to contribute to the long-term plans and strategies for your place, including social, environmental and economic priorities. Successful projects will connect heritage with new partners and incorporate heritage into the future vision(s) of the area.

Activities can and should be included in the project - these could include engaging and talking to people in your community or across your organisation/network. And we'll look for creativity and innovation in how you do it - appropriate to your place and the people there.

Previous Grantees Welcome!

You can apply to the Great Place Scheme if you have funding for another project, but you can't use funding from Great Place as partnership funding for another HLF project.

Taking the Lead

The lead applicant should be the most appropriate for the place and project you are planning. It might be more suitable in some cases for the local authority to lead, and in others a voluntary/community sector organisation. The key thing is that there should be a strong partnership with each organisation committed and contributing.

Match Funding

To help demonstrate support and commitment of the partnership we ask that the minimum 10% cash match funding should come from more than one organisation within the partnership. However, match funding above this minimum can come from external sources.

Your Project

Some of the ideas we've received from initial enquiries seem to be on specific heritage projects - such as developing a heritage asset or supporting an existing organisation to manage heritage. These type of projects will most likely fare better under our existing programmes such as the Heritage Grants programme or Resilient Heritage.

Elements within a project that we can fund include marketing and branding activities, interpretation materials and digital products, but all these should be linked to the activities and outcomes you are trying to achieve.

More Questions?

Feel free to post them in the Online Community!

Further reading

Heritage and Cultre at the heart of Wales' great places

How the Great Place Scheme will help communities thrive:

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Cynllun Lle Arbenning Cymru / Great Place Wales application material:



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  1. Hello!

    I will continue to post material of interest here that will be of interest to those applicants that successfully made it through the Expression of Interest (EoI) process.  There is some interesting material out there relating to 'place' that may be helpful to you in planning your projects further.

    Here is a copy of the email that I sent out to those applicants that have made it through the EoI process.  If you haven't received a copy, or if we haven't spoken, please do get in touch.

    Dear colleague,


    Firstly, congratulations on being invited to apply for a Great Place scheme grant.  We received 36 Expressions of Interest (EoI) from all around Wales and 12 of those have been invited to apply for a grant.  Your project and organisation is one of those.


    We have been really pleased with the level of interest in the scheme but as you will see, there is still considerable competition and we will not be able to fund all of the applications that do decide to apply for the full grant.


    By now, you will have received an email from my colleague Jamie McGarrigle outlining the next steps and additional application questions.  You should be in the process of planning your project and application and I have spoken to almost all projects that are planning on submitting an application.


    The purpose of this email is to provide some high-level feedback from the EoIs that were submitted and the panel meeting.


    The aim of the scheme is to put heritage and culture at the heart of the local vision of your place and its future plans.  We are aiming to fund a variety of different projects that will vary in scale, covering a broad range of heritage and culture.


    Feedback and support

    I am very happy to answer any general or specific questions around your project ideas or plans by telephone.  However, I will not be reviewing any draft applications or shaping the projects in any way.  This is a pilot scheme and we genuinely want to see what type of schemes are presented.

    Key Points

    ·         The deadline for applications is midday on 7 December 2017.  No late applications will be accepted.

    ·         Funded activities must end no later than 31 March 2021.

    ·         We expect to see a minimum cash contribution of 10%.

    ·         We would expect to see 75% of the cash contribution committed to the scheme when you apply to us.

    ·         We would expect this cash contribution to be drawn from more than one source / organisation within the partnership.

    Feedback from the panel meeting

    Applicants should all be mindful of the amount of budget that is available for this pilot scheme.  There is £1.5million available and we want to fund as many projects as possible.

    ·         It was felt that some applicants were asking for more grant than was needed.  Be realistic in terms of the value of grant requested.

    ·         It wasn’t always clear where applicants expected to receive their cash match funding from – please be specific.

    ·         We understand that it takes some time for partnerships to embed, so it might be an idea to account for this in your workplan.

    ·         The workplan doesn’t need to be produced in detail for the whole of the project, but we’ll want to see what activities your project is likely to consist of for the first 12 months.  There will be an opportunity to update this as your project develops.

    ·         When developing your project, don’t focus on ‘what’s wrong’ only.  Look at what is working well in your area and has the potential to grow.

    ·         Some projects are planning on employing a project coordinator type post.  Investing in good people is important so really think hard about the job description, person specification and the salary that is offered.  We felt that some Coordinator posts suggested salaries were quite low for what they were expected to do / experience to bring.

    ·         In some cases it wasn’t clear what the strategic change would be – this should be explicit.

    ·         It wasn’t always clear how the project would share learning with other places of Wales.

    ·         If you are not a Local Authority applicant, tell us how the Local Authority fits into your plans.  How will they be involved and what cash are they offering to support you?

    ·         In some cases the longer terms outcomes were a bit vague.  Decision makers will want to feel confident that the proposals will effect change and that there will be a step change in the contribution of heritage in those areas.

    ·         In some areas there was a concern that the geographical boundary for the project was too large.  We’ll want reassurance that there will be an impact.

    ·         We want to know about – and feel confident about – the change that the project will bring about.  What difference will the project really make (and what evidence can you draw on to really back that up?).

    ·         Not many of the proposals linked into local well-being plans.

    You will already have the links to the Great Place Scheme website, but do spend some time having a read through the following, too:

    Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act:

    RSA Networked Heritage:…

    Fusion Initiative:…

    Arts Council of Wales, Ideas: People Places: 

    Good luck – and please do feel free to give me a call if there is anything in particular that you would like to chat about.  If you want to strike whist the iron is hot, I will be at my desk all day tomorrow – Friday 20 October 2017.

    With best wishes,


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  3. The National Trust has published a recent blog around the importance of place for society.  Interesting reading! 

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