Evaluation of the Great Place Scheme in England

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This discussion thread will hold the key documents and conversations regarding the Great Place Scheme in England evaluation being undertakend by BOP Consulting. 

If you have any comments or queries regarding the programme evaluation that you feel may be relevant to others, please do post them here and we'll aim to respond within two working days.

If your comment / query is very specific, do feel free to email Rebekah on rebekah@bop.co.uk in the first instance and I'll be happy to find you help from the BOP team.

Thankyou to all projects for your continued support of the programme evaluation!

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  1. Here's the Great Place Programme Evaluation tools and baseline document as sent to all projects on 4th April 2018.

    I've included both a Powerpoint version and a PDF.

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  3. Quarterly Steering Group Survey; word format.

    We're aware that each projects' 'steering group' may be differently constituted, have a different title (eg board, working group) and meet at different intervals. 

    This survey is designed for use with higher level partners with some level of overview of your Great Place project, and for groups which include partners from within and without the cultural sector.

    In our experience, the best way to get a group of busy people to fill these in (and fill them in repeatedly over three years) is to give them out and collect them at the end of each meeting. Absent members can be given the opportunity to fill in the form online (link to follow). Completed forms can then be either scanned and emailed to BOP or posted to BOP at the address below.

    Not all groups members will attend or submit responses every time; this piece of evaluation has been designed to accommodate this, as over time and repetition we should nonetheless be able to build a picture of change across your project period.

    Postal address:

    Rebekah Polding, Great Place Scheme England Evaluation

    BOP Consulting,

    3-5 St John Street


    EC1M 4AA

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  5. Delighted to present the focus groups, based on your nominated preferences.

    Rebecca will be in touch with each group this week to arrange a time for the call in first weeks of May, and we will circulate pro formas in advance to guide the discussions. We expect that in most cases the Project Manager will be the relevant attendee, but let us know name, role and contact details if a different - or additional - colleague(s) should be invited.

    We'll also circulate the full list of call times so that everyone is able to attend additional focus groups if they wish and are able.

    Looking forward to these!

    Thematic Focus Groups

    Health and wellness:

    —  Greater Manchester—Stronger Together

    —  Torbay—A Place to Feel Great

    —  Sunderland—Sunderland Comes of Age

    —  Reading-on-Thames

    Cultural and creative economy:

    —  Craven—Crossing the Watersheds

    —  Derbyshire County Council—Vital Valley: A creative future for Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site

    —  London Borough of Waltham Forest—Creative Connections: Culture for All

    —  Gloucester—A Proud Past


    Co-commissioning and community empowerment:

    —  Coventry—Place, Heritage and Diversity

    —  Great Yarmouth—Making Waves Together

    —  Tees Valley

    —  Herefordshire


    Arts and heritage collaboration:

    —  Ealing—Made In Park Royal

    —  Visit County Durham—Northern Heartlands

    —  East Kent—Pioneering Places

    —  Barnsley

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  7. Optional Outcome Selection

    As per the Framework, not all outcomes are relevant to all projects and we therefore ask each project to nominate those outcomes which are relevant to their work.

    A full list of 'optional' outcomes is attached, alongside the current information held as to projects' selections.

    Please can each project check and update their sheet on the attached document and return to rebecca@bop.co.uk by 20th April.

    Rebekah and Rebecca are both on hand to discuss any matters arising or clarifications required; just drop us a line.


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  9. As a back-up / addition or data collection tool for the Quarterly Steering Group Survey, we've now created an online version:


    You are welcome to share this with absent steering group members or attending steering group members who would prefer to deliver their submission online.

    We are happy to receive hard copy surveys by post; have scanned copies emailed to us; or for you to input data from the hard copy surveys into this form. The choice absolutely yours. Please do ensure no duplication, however.


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